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  •  Degreasing
  •  Iron phosphating (pretreatment)
  •  Powder coating
  •  Finishing with most liquid paints,
        Including Baking Enamel
  •  Silkscreening
  • Painting for industrial Manufacturers.

    We have an overhead conveyor, which allows us to powder coat large production runs .  If masking is required, we have high temperature masking tapes . We also do pre-cleaning or degreasing, and have facilities for iron-phosphating of steel or aluminum parts when required. We do small size jobs, and large size parts:  we can do very long parts, such as hand railing, car frames, flag poles, etc.. We have even done longer items by turning them around and baking them a second time.

    Painting for other companies and the public.

    We do all kinds of painting:  siding, roof panels, hand railings, storm doors, front doors and many other things for the home. We also do appliances such as refrigerators and compactors (not stoves, but some parts of stoves) office furniture, glass, almost anything that needs to be painted like car wheels and other parts (but not whole cars).

     It is nearly impossible to give you costs, because they depend on so many variables, such as quantities, sizes, primers, phosphating, masking, and powder costs  (powders are not all the same, reds, oranges, yellows are very expensive compared to whites and beiges).  Car frames run $250 to $300, catr wheels run about 150 for a set of four,  refrigerators-$150, extrusions- 50 to 75 cents per ft.  For all small jobs we have a $75 minimum setup charge, which also applies to the primer coat if  required. Call anytime for an estimate.